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Olay Body Wash Age Defying

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Olay Body Wash Age Defying

Olay Body Wash Age Defying

The story of a former RAF-terrorist by David Aronowitsch In April 1975 Commando Holger Meins occupies the West German Embassy in Stockholm.
They want to liberate RAF-prisoners like Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin.
The terrorists execute two hostages.
The occupation ends with an explosion and defeat for the terrorists.
Karl-Heinz Dellwo is sentenced to jail.
Twenty years later he is released.
Today he lives in Hamburg and has created a new life for himself but he will always be haunted by his violent past.
Giancarlo has no permit to stay in Sweden and he describes how it is to be chased by the police and live in hiding.
The film travels to Peru and to the school in Sweden but it mostly stays in the room where the actual interview took place.
Giancarlo sits still with his arms pressed tightly against his little body.
He gives straightforward answers to the questions.
The animated characters are designed by Mats Johansson.
Hidden is the first film in a series of animated documentaries by Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch together with the designer Mats Johansson.
As an early and groundbreaking animated documentary Hidden has influenced many films all over the world.
Welcome to a new site dedicated to the animated documentaries Sharaf, Slaves and Hidden: Awards etc.
Short Documentary, Hot Docs Int.
Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2003 Honorary Mention Nordic Panorama, Oulu, Finland 2002 Nominated to Guldbagge, for best documentary-film, 2002 Honorary Mention, Europa Cinema, Viareggio, Italy 2002 "Fabrizio Belloccio Prize 2002" for social content, Castelli Animati, Rom, Italy 2002 Best Short, Fajr International Film Festival, Teheran, Iran 2003 Honorary Mention, Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway 2003 Best documentary, FIKE — Évora International Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2003 Grant Lena Hellman Memorial Foundation at Tempo Doc.
Festival of Films Young Audience "Ale Kino!
Best of INPUT, 2004, San Fransisco POST-INPUT, 2004, Ottawa, Canada April 2-3 Art Venue Screenings etc.
Ikon focused on the short creative documentary.
Short documentaries can be funny, dramtic, experimental and drastic.
Animations and art films with a documentary base were also screened in Ikon.
Young talented filmmakers made films and more experienced filmmakers could experiment.
During four years the short documentary genre in Sweden got production money and a window in Public-service Television.
A majority of the films were commissioned but there were also acquisitions of Swedish and foreign films.
Ikon-films have been in festivals all over the world and received international awards.
A Pennebaker, Jan Troell, Staffan Lamm, Peter Davis, Http:// de Fina, Erik Bäfving, Ruben Östlund, Ewa Cederstam, Peter Magnusson, Anna Fröman, Bogdan Dziworski, Jesper Nordahl, Tove Falk-Olsson, Jenny Bergman, Aardman Animation, Anita Malmqvist, Ali Boriri, Leo Brusewitz, Sergej Dvortsevoj, Håkan Berthas, Johan Bjerkner, Stefan Sundlöf, Hanna Heilborn, Mats Johansson, Catti Brandelius, Esias Baitel, Måns Månsson, Daniel Moll, Mathilda Alborn, Terese Mörnvik, Spike Jonze, Freddy Olsson, Martina Iverus, Anne Möller Bondesson, Fredrik Gertten, Dominika Daubenbüchel, Marek Wieser, Eugene Paramoer, Vaughan Giose, Martina Della Tonga, Peter Palm, Tomas Lagerman, Mikadelica, Bernard Winkler, Shane Walter and more.
Intro sequence 7th Tempo Documentary Festival Shoot a late night in an Atlantic City back-lot, just yards from the cold ocean, this clip futures this lyrics: There is no secret.
There is no secret, there is no mysteries.
There is just destiny and creativity.
Either you have it or you don´t.
It´s, if you are inspired, and I think if it comes from the heart if you are sincere.
That to me is the most important part, how sincere is your product, and does it bring joy?
And does it bring pleasure.
And does it bring information to people, does it stimulate the audience?
Stimulation thats the key.
The films are based on interviews with two girls of nineteen.
They are talking about their addiction and describe both the appeal of drugs and the backsides.
The films explore visually the story without exposing the subjects and use a variation of techniques like animation and infrared cameras.
The work of finding new visual solutions and to tell stories in non-traditional ways that started in Hidden continues.
The films were awarded a "Silver Egg" in the The Golden Egg award.
And Nominated for The Kolla award.
Ikon South Africa is a platform for the short creative documentary in South Africa.
The project is supported by the Swedish — South African Culture Partnership Programme.
Contact South Africa: Ikon-South Africa Rainbow Circle Films Martina Della Togna Vaughan Giose PO Box 44 Matroosfontein 7489 South Africa Tel.
Sara and Camilla - who play the leading parts - come from a small place in the north of Sweden, and have never done anything like this before.
Production year: 2003 Duration: 45 min Director: Mia Engberg and Nanna Huolman Camera: Choctaw casino gambling age Huolman, Sara Swanson Sound: Sara Swansson,Marie-Louise Nilebrink Editing: Eva Hillström Producer: Lotta Suarez With the support of: The Swedish Film Institute, SVT Documentary Dept.
Björn Arvas Production Company: Story AB A feature documentary by Mia Engberg Suburban Songs 165 Hässelby is a film about Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and "Dino" who live in the high-rise blocks around Hässelby Gård.
This is a film about wanting to change the world; about painting graffiti although you might end up in jail; more info dealing with Swedish authorities when you don't speak Swedish that well; and about being expelled from school because you have ADHD.
But above all, this is an homage to the suburbs ofStockholm, and to the people who live there.
Do you want to join?
Vill du vara med?
An intense and unsentimental depiction of the doubts, the tensions and the lack of respect in this relation of love and hatred.
Format: DigiBeta Duration: 28 minutes Year: September 2003 Director: JH Engström Producer: Jenny Örnborn Editor: Kajsa Grandell Music: Amanda Ooms Sound: Anders Nyström The story of a Bulgarian bear owner The Roma tradition of making a living on dancing bears has gone from father to son for more than a thousand years.
In 2000 the animal rights organizations Vier Pfoten and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation decided to end this tradition in Bulgaria.
Stefan Dimov Ivanov is one of the last "mechkar", a profession that is now coming to an end.
This film tells the story about him and his companion Stefka, the bear, during their last days together.
Language: Bulgarian Subtitles: English Shooting format: s-16mm, colour Final format: DigiBeta Duration: 29 minutes Director and camera: Albin Biblom Sound: Svetoslav Stefanov Dimov Editor: Thomas Lagerman Sound mix: Anders Nyström, Translation: Bo Lundgren, Producers: Göran Olsson and Jenny Örnborn Production company: Story AB Supported by: Hjalmar Palmgren, Swedish Film Institute and Joakim Strand, Film i Skåne Director: Göran Olsson in collaboration with Carl-Johan Lindgren, Mia Engberg, David Aronowitsch and Patrick Bratt.
Financed by: The Swedish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film and TV Fund, The Swedish Television SVT, YLE, DR and NRK.
A feature documentary by Göran Olsson Featuring BLANCHE WILLIAMS and KENNY GAMBLE Age to gamble in california DAVIS QUESTLOVE and SCHOOLLY D - That one thing I told you Göran, why do you do so much work?
Sometimes why did I do that song?
Because every song I do has a meaning.
Jones had a real meaning because there was a Mrs.
Jones, and haven't even told you the story about Mrs.
And she says one thing don't call me Mrs.
Jones because I'm no Mrs.
And we get into that later on.
Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, I leave it to that.
Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville, Kentucky, and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn't want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I'm going to introduce you somebody.
And so the story started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces as we moved along.
I knew you where gonna ask me that question, it's so funny because when I started to sing that song I didn't know everybody had a Mrs.
The hole world had a Mrs.
Sometimes why did I do that song?
Because every song i do has a meaning.
Mrs Jones had a real meaning because there was a mrs Jones, and haven't even told you the story about mrs Jones.
And she says one thing don´t call me mrs Jones because I'm no mrs Jones!
And we get into that later on.
Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, i leave it to that.
Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville Kentucky and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn't want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I´m going to introduce you somebody.
And so the age to gamble in california started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces ass we moved along.
I knew you where gonna ask me that question, its so funny because when I started to sing that song i didn't know everybody had a mrs Jones.
The hole world had a mrs Jones.
A documentary A film about a Swedish aborigin on a journey in search of his roots.
Produced by Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn Story.
Mike was born in Cherbourg, Australia, a former reservation for indigenous australians.
When the film starts Mike has no family left, he is 21 years old and stays at his best friends home in Northern Sweden, dreaming of becoming a rap-artist.
One day he gets a phone call.
From there we follow Mike during three crucial years, on a journey that will change his life forever.
Directing and Script: Hanna Heilborn Directing and camera: Håkan Berthas Editing: Stefan Sundlöf Assistant Editing: Johan Bjerkner Sound Mix: Anders Nyström Graphic Design: Mats Johansson, Acne Producer: Stefan Sundlöf Executive Producer: Helena Sandemark Onsum Creative Producer: Per Lapins Produced by: Nordisk Film och TV in cooperation with SVT, Dokumentär Björn Arvas, Håkan Berthas och Hanna Heilborn Story together with ABC Australia Dasha Ross, NRK Tore Tomter, with the support by Nordisk Film och TV-fond Eva Færevaag and Film i Västernorrland.
And how come a computer is built on the same counting system as an old optical Telegraph?
In twelve short educational animations and dcoumentaries, mainly produced for a younger audience, we really get to know how stuff works.
These films are a part of the exhibition Kom.
They want to turn the Bible into a coffee-table book looking like a glossy fashion magazine.
They try to engage some of the hippest photographers and models to visualize the old texts.
Their dream is to have Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg in biblical roles.
And to make big cash with their dazzling project.
He was also the one who registered the Swedish internet-domain.
Watch the film: Directors: Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch Graphics and animation: Jonas Nilsson Music: Petrus Bergstrand Sound: Jonas Fagerlund On Line, Mix, grading: Göran Olsson Consultant: Susanne Rolf Produced by: Story AB for.
SE The Internet Infrastructure Foundation A touring exhibition produced by the Swedish Institute Swedish Fashion — Exploring a New Identity is an exhibition showing the work of a new generation of fashion designers from Sweden.
Participating designers Ann-Sofie Back Sandra Backlund Martin Bergström Blank Burfitt Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Helena Hörstedt Rickard Lindqvist Nakkna Diana Orving Rodebjer The Local Firm Göran Sundberg The exhibition requires an area of about 150 — 200 m² and technical equipment in the form of directional spotlights and projectors.
The exhibition tour starts in autumn 2008 and is expected to run for two years, with the possibility of an extended run.
Exhibition facts Curator: Maria Ben Saad, fashion writer and senior lecturer at Beckmans college of Design Art Director: Stefania Malmsten, graphic designer and art director Exhibition design: Ola Andersson, architect Film: Göran Olsson, director Music: Halvard Waldén and John Olsson Exhibition manager: Anna Maria Svensson Phone +46 0 8 453 78 00 E-mail: asv si.
Största delen av filmen filmade Jacob själv, en medveten tanke, det var viktigt att känna att det inte fanns ett filmteam bakom kameran och i kulisserna.
Detta gav resultat i att han och Olle kom varandra väldigt nära under filmandet, vilket har avspegling i filmen.
Olle Ljungströms karriär började i bandet Reeperbahn i slutet av 70-talet och följdes upp på 90-talet som hyllad soloartist, de senaste åren har varit tysta men nu är äntligen något på gång.
Detta är filmen om mannen som slog igenom som age to gamble in california ung och sedan dess levt mer än de flesta.
Premiär: 23 januari, Folkets bio, visas i Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Norrköping och Västerås Tider för biografvisning i Stockholm: Fre-sö.
The film concerns the gender-specific rules, taboos, honour between male friends and takes on much more than what is expected by a girl.
During this travel, under and above water, she starts to remember bits and pieces from her childhood and an inner travel develops along as the outer one.
The film is built on a humorous Voice-Over and the goal to become a good surfer, without having the age or, as she believes, the looks for it.
Yet not only good memories are brought to the surface — and the meetings with boat-refugees dying in the same place as we, the Europeans, get pleasure also complicate the easiness.
This is a short documentary 28 min as much as a beginning of an art projects, where pictures from both now and then are mixed with animation.
A documentary by Hanna Heilborn After divorcing the 40-years old filmmaker decides having some fun, learning how to surf.
Along on the adventure she brings a camera and her 5 years old son.
Their journey quickly becomes deadly serious.
With a broken nose, a twisted knee and when almost no money left our anti-heroine is just about to give up.
Seven years of struggles though makes her reach the goal, to catch clean waves.
This adventure is a black comedy taking us from Sweden to Costa Rica, via the Canary Islands to Portugal.
All about a middle-aged woman trying to maneuver the waves of the Ocean as much as life itself.
He was the Head of state of one of the most brutal regimes ever, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
We have followed him one and half year before his arrest in 2007.
He is soon facing a trial and is charged with Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Genocide.
The film gives insight into his mindset, his life today and his close relation to Pol Pot.
It is a unique story about an ex-leader the time before his arrest and before he is put on trial.
Others appearing in the film: Theary Seng, lawyer and victim of the Khmer Rouge.
Nuon Chea, ideologist and Head of Security of the Khmer Rouge.
Göteborg International Film Festival 2010 The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad 2010 Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival, Bergen 2010 Montreal World Film Festival Montreal International Film Festival 2010 Doc Lounge, the 19:th of October in Lund 2010 International Rome Film Festival 2010 Aarhus filmfestival 2010, Denmark OSD.
DOC — Östersunds dokumentärfestival 2010 Human Rights Human Wrongs Film Festival.
Oslo, February 2011 Cinema Screenings Sweden etc.
Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
Tuesday the 26:th of October, Malmö, Panora Seminar and seminar with Staffan Lindberg and Johan Ekblad,Human Rights-specialist.
Moderator Jesper Bengtsson, Reporters without borders.
By David Aronowitsch and Staffan Lindberg Duration: 94 min.
Year: 2010 Shooting format: Super 16 mm.
Will you become a better man if you know how age to gamble in california is to be a woman?
A film on gender-bending in San Francisco.
Manhood Length: 10 min Year: 1999 Shot on location in San Francisco Director, camera and editing: Mia Engberg Sound: Anna Hallberg Three women trying to make it in NYC Three women came to New York to seek happiness and they all ended up at Parkside Residence, the Salvation Army's residence for women.
First prize at the Munich FilmFestival.
Kalle is gay, skinhead and HIV-positive.
We follow Kalle and his friends, Henrik and Ibrahim, during the Christmas holiday.
They do drugs, discuss life and their hatred of people in general.
They also talk about death, which they sometimes long for.
It is Kalle's last Christmas alive.
The Stars We Are Length: 28 min Year: 1997 Shot on location in Stockholm Director and editing: Mia Engberg Camera: Ewa Cederstam Sound: Torsten Rundquist Production: Anita Oxburgh for Migma Film AB A film about an animal rights activist Vänersborg 1997 A film about Anna who is an Animal Rights activist and Straight-Edge.
Then they killed my parents and separated me from my sister.
I was five, Abuk tells us in a low voice.
I stayed with one of the men who kidnapped us and took care of his goats.
Slaves is about Abuk, nine, and Machiek, fifteen.
Like thousands of other children they were taken from South Sudan by government sponsored militia in Sudan and used as slaves.
They were later liberated by the organisation CEAWC Committee for the Eradication of Abduction of Women and Children gambling age new jersey casino legal in South Sudan headed by James Aguer.
Welcome to a new site dedicated to the animated documentaries Sharaf, Slaves and Hidden: Awards Best short documentary, the Silver Cub Award, IDFA, Amsterdam, 2008.
Special Mention, the Generation 14plus Section, Berlinale 2009.
DOC Award, Tempo Doc.
Best Short Animation Film Award, Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California, 2009.
Best Short Documentary Award, DOXA Doc.
Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 2009.
The Annecy Cristal for Best Short Animation and the Unicef Award at The Annecy International Animation Film Festival, June 2009.
Best Animated Short, World Wide Short Film Fest, Toronto, Canada, June 2009 Best Documentary Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival, August 2009.
Best Short for Youth, Golden Kite Award, Int.
Best Film and Best Photography, Capalbio Int.
Short Film Festival, Italy, Oct.
Prize, Curtocircuito Santiago de Compostela Short Film Festival, Spain Oct.
Best film animation-program Panorama, FiFF Femina Int.
Film Festival, Norway 2009.
Best International Animation Short at Leeds International Film Festival, UK, 2009.
Best Animation at River Film Festival in Padova, Italy, 2009.
Honorable Mention Short Documentary, Nashville Film Festival, USA, 2009 Best Short Film Award, Birds Eye View Film Festival, London UK, 2010.
Best film and the Public Award, Curt.
Petersburg, Russia Australian Refugee Film Festival Aarhus Filmfestival on tour 2010, Denmark.
Flyp Media 2009 Issue 24, 2009 Svensk Kortfilm 1 DVD, Folkets Bio 2008 50th Annecy Int.
Animation Festival Anniversary's DVD boxset EUROPE IN SHORTS, a project of RUHR.
Produced by: Story AB.
At Night I Fly is poetic testimony from a secluded world.
New Folsom is one of the strictest prisons in the USA.
A brutal world with riots, heavily armed guards and murders between rivaling gangs.
In the middle of this there is also hope.
In the film we meet several prisoners sentenced to life who take part in the programme Arts in Correction, where they meet over racial borders and gang hierarchies.
These men have grown during their time in prison, they have learnt what it really means to be a human being.
At night I Fly is film about the power of art.
Dagens Nyheter: "Elegant fängelsereportage blir en lovsång till konsten" Expressen: "Intressanta och gripande dokumentären" Duration: one version 56 min.
In 1991 three teen girls called Midi, Maxiand Efti became celebrities over night and the suburb Akalla was suddenly known all over Sweden.
Fifteen years later two old friends try to make a film about the phenomenon.
But Midi, Maxi and Efti no longer have contact, and they are not at all interested in talking about the past.
A melancholically journey to the past by two friends who have a hard time letting go.
Med kameran fäst på hans cykelhjälm får vi känna farten direkt från styret — en resa som till en början går raka vägen framåt, men som med Quaades sensibilitet också leder inåt.
Tankarna förser bränsle till dokumentärens känslomässiga styrka, men kan hjärnspökena vara honom till last på spåret mot mållinjen?
Screenings: Nov 8, 18.
Love During Wartime is a feature-length documentary featuring the Palestinian Osama and the Israeli Jasmin.
They want to live together, but both Palestinian society and Israeli bureaucracy make this nearly impossible.
Urban music click kuduro, coupé-décalé and azonto have arisen out of social change and have come to define a new African identity shaped by post-colonial consciousness.
Sen fotograferar jag det och det blir en skiss, som jag sen släpper - för att helt låta måleriet ta över.
Det är i hennes målningar och bildvärld, som saker som kan uppfattas som genant och högst personligt, kan bli till något äkta och allmängiltigt.
Det behövs avtryck av de tillstånd som vi inte kan beskriva, de saker som vi hela tiden upplever i vår medvetna eller omedvetna värld.
Ni vet, de där undermedvetna förnimmelserna age to gamble in california rör upp saker inom oss, utan att vi vet var de kom från och framförallt var de höll till - tills nu.
Likaså följer vi utvecklingen från den första separatutställningen på det ansedda Galleri Magnus Karlsson i Stockholm, till den andra på samma galleri två år senare, via bl.
Ett närgånget porträtt av en ung konstnärs liv, där strävan efter att realisera sina visioner click to see more alltid är helt lätt och självklart.
Speciellt inte i en omvärld som vill definiera det du gör, i relation till om du är man eller kvinna.
Filmmaker Jacob Frössén follows Ericson from her first solo exhibition in 2010 through to her second big exhibition at the prestigious Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm.
As her personal life takes twists and turns, her artistic expression finds new forms.
Based on intimate footage of the artist at work in her atelier, on trips to New York, and in her home in the countryside, the film focuses on relationships and how personal and creative journeys influence one another.
An animated documentary by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn - The boat was like a little fly in the sea, in two-meter high waves.
We just drifted without any food or water.
Sharaf, 17, is one of thousands of youths that have been fleeing in unseaworthy boats across the ocean and arriving in Gran Canaria the last years.
Sharaf was lucky, he survived.
Thousands have died in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean trying to get into the EU.
It is the third and final part in a trilogy of animated documentaries about children and young people in vulnerable situations, by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn Welcome to a new site dedicated to the animated documentaries Sharaf, Slaves and Hidden: Festivals: Strasbourg Human rights International Film Festival, 30 Oct.
Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain, 2018 Rooftop Films New York 2018 Dokufest Kosovo both in 2018 and 2018 Capalbio Cinema Int.
Short Film Festival 2018Italy, Special Mention in World Of Map Award for Sharaf International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, 2-7 May 2018 Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, January 2018 CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov.
They argue over Muslims, Swedes and capitalism with equal amounts of hostility and humor.
Spoon had been imprisoned since 1977 and during that time evolved into an active poet, encouraging fellow inmates to join him in the special poetry course that the San Quention Prison in California was providing.
Spoon and Michel became friends and started writing letters to each other, which led to Michel wanting to document Spoon's poetry through film.
Since permission to film him in prison was in first instance denied to Michel, the director went to the locations mentioned in Spoon's poems and filmed there instead.
He used the inmate's reciting of his own poems, recorded during telephone calls between the two, as a voice-over.
The result was 'Three Poems by Spoon Jackson', a poetic short film in 3 parts.
It gained honorable mentions at multiple film festivals.
Three Poems by Spoon Jackson Year: 2003 Duration: 14 mins Director, sound and musical composition: Michel Wenzer Photo: Albin Biblom Editing: Jens Friis-Hansen Final mix: Anders Nystrom Graphics: Anders Önnerfält Lyrical adaption: Göran Strömqvist Co-ordinator: Jenny Örnborn Music performed by: Anders Hernestam, Andreas Holma, Charlie Malmberg, Michel Wenzer, Daniel Zqaty Music production: Daniel Zqaty Made with support by the Swedish Institute of Film, Göran Olsson, Ragnar Berthling, IKON, The Swedish Television SVTDRAMA, Film on Gotland and Konstnärsnämnden.
PREMIERED AT SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2011, WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY EDITING AWARD The Black Power Mixtape is a compilation feature documentary film that displays the story of the African-American community 1967-1975, the people, the society and the style that fueled a change.
Told with sparkling, beautiful and deep footage, lost in the archives in Sweden for 30 years.
Racism, in the first place, is a weapon used by the wealthy to increase the profits they bring in by paying Black workers less for their work.
To understand how any society functions you must understand the relationship between the men and the women.
Well of course there's been a great deal of progress.
We don't have laws that segregate black people within the society any longer.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
A feature documentary by Gabriella Bier The recently married couple Jasmin and Assi are forced to live separated.
She lives in Berlin, he in Ramallah.
They want desperately to make a life together but it proves to be an impossible task.
When an Israeli marries Palestinian they are beyond security offered to other members of society at every turn they are faced with a Catch 22 situation.
Israeli bureaucracy filled with suspicion and a menacing Palestinian society makes their life a nightmare.
Swedish cinema release January, 2012.
They found all them others.
What's it like to home alone through the center of town where the big kids hang.
The children we meet are between six and nine years age to gamble in california and all attend the same recreation center.
They all try find their place and way of belonging in the group.
For example fabrics that are so ordinary that they tend to become invisible, a sequin fabric where the sequins are falling off or a velvet that looks good only at a distance.
To me they represent a strive for perfection through fashion that is impossible to obtain in real life.
I take interest in how we use fashion and clothes to transform ourselves into something that we are not.
How we use fashion to hide our true identity and constantly fail in that ambition because there is no glamour in real life.
The film features Ann-Sofie Back at work in her London studio and during fashion shows in London and Paris.
Directors: Stefania Malmsten, Maria Ben Saad Göran Olsson Producer: Jenny Örnborn Produced by: Pipel and Story AB for SVT Swedish National Television This films tells the true story about the young orangoutang monkey, Ken-Allen, who made more than thirty escape attempts from the San Diego Zoo.
Created to address to young children, 3-6 years, about the dilemma of the urge for freedom and the uselessness of imprisonment.
We see Ken-Allen break free several times, only to be capture to find his cage improved to prevent him from even attempting again.
In the final scene Ken-Allen´s desire for freedom in neutralized with a more comfortable cage, soft-drinks and a television set!
The voice over is brilliantly read by the grand lady of Danish drama, Ghite Nørby.
A reluctant anti-hero of the Swedish music scene, de la Cour made a name for himself as singer in the groups Yvonne and Strip Music in the 1990s and 2000s while battling with cystic fibrosis since he was a child.
A film about confronting your own mortality and making the most of it, the creative process as a desire to create light out of darkness, and about music as a form of personal survival.
With support from the Swedish Film Institute, Tove Torbiörnsson.
The feature-length documentary debut of Daniel Dencik Moon Rider is a coming-of-age story about the bike rider Rasmus Quaade.
Shot on fragile Super8 and raw helmet-cam, it is a journey seen from the inside of a young man's head - it is a personal story entrusted to the spectator by Rasmus himself from his intimate diary.
His constant reflections about life and death becomes his biggest obstacle in reaching his goal of becoming a World Champion.
In order to win, he has to empty his head completely, but how do you clear your head, when every thought is a step in the wrong direction?
The film paints an honest and heartbreaking picture of the extreme and lonely life of a young championship rider.
An extremely strong and vibrating film" - Jørgen Leth Screened at CPH:DOX 2012, Stockholm International Film Festival 2012.
In Swedish cinemas Spring 2018.
A long distance call from a long lost lover makes her reminisce about their common past.
She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa and the cat named Baby.
A film about love, time and things that got lost along the way.
Year of production: 2018 Format: DCP, Blu-ray Duration: 75min Director: Mia Engberg Producer: Tobias Janson Music composer and Dramaturg: Michel Wenzer Supervisor: Kalle Boman Voice of Vincent: Olivier Desautel First Assistant Director: Åsa Sandzén Stills: Christian Demare Sound design: Jan Alvermark Sound mix: Jan Alvermark and Owe SvenssonCamera and editing: Mia Engberg Additional Camera: Albin Biblom, Ewa Cederstam Graphic Art: Jacob Frössén Casting: Elsa Pharaon, Anne Agbadou-Masson, Catarina RamstedtProduction Assistants: Jeroen Pool, Sophie Vukovic, Tim Dahlberg Grading: Martin Steinberg Online: Rickard Petersen Conform and Mastering: Mattias Olsson Super8 scanner: Nordisk Film Post Production Made with support from: Swedish Film Institute Tove Torbiörnsson, Suzanne GlansborgMEDIA Plus Slate Funding, Konstnärsnämnden, Centre Culturel Suédois.
In Co-production with: Sveriges Television, Ingemar Persson.
Production company: Story AB A new feature documentary by Marius Dybwad Brandrud "My mother is spending all her time with her dying father.
As the end is getting closer, my mother and I start doing the filming more and more together.
It becomes our way of dealing with the time we have left.
Running time: 75 min Original format: RED 4k Screening format: DCP, 5.
As the end is getting closer, my mother and I start doing the filming more and more together.
It becomes our way of dealing with the time we have left.
First feature-length film by Mia Engberg in years premieres January 29 After working on it for 5 years, Mia has finally put the finishing touches to Belleville Baby, her much-anticipated new feature-length film.
A long distance call from a long lost lover makes Mia reminisce about their common past.
She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa and the cat named Baby.
Belleville Baby is story about love, time and things that got lost along the way.
Belleville Baby is screening at the Göteborg International Film Festival on: 29 january 20.
A new feature documentary by Göran Hugo Olsson Concerning Violence is a bold and fresh visual narrative from Africa based on archive material from Swedish documentaries 1966-1987 covering the most daring moments in the struggle for liberation from colonial rule.
It is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence.
We can do anything today provided we do not ape Europe, provided we are not obsessed with catching up with Europe.
Europe has gained such a mad and reckless momentum that it has lost control and reason and is heading at dizzying speed towards the brink from which we would be advised to remove ourselves as quickly as possible.
A feature documentary by David Aronowitsch, Ahmed Abdullahi, Anna Persson and Sharmarke Binyusuf A documentary beginning in a fictional story from a harsh reality.
The film portrays Ahmed playing a character whose life mirrors his own.
Ahmed is a Dublin-case like Daoud, the character he plays in the 30-minute fiction film "Dublin".
Ahmed has been in Europe for six years, living in hiding in Sweden three years.
When he arrived click to see more boat to the Italian island Lampedusa, he was forced to leave his fingerprints.
At that moment he became a Dublin-case.
The so-called Dublin-cases are deprived of all rights and thrown out from country to country in Europe.
June 2018 Tempo Documentary Festival, Stockholm 2018.
Concerning Violence by Göran Hugo Olsson was awarded with the Cinema Fairbindet prize at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival awards ceremony on Saturday.
The Cinema Fairbindet award recognizes an outstanding feature or documentary film, which inspires by the cinematic creativity.
The award-winning film focuses on global development and human rights issues contributing to intercultural dialogue and encouraging audiences to discover new perspectives.
The winning film goes on to be screened throughout Germany and will be shown to a wide audience.
Fonko är en serie om det nya Afrika sett genom storstadsmusiken.
Berättare är Neneh Cherry.
Vår tids stora musikaliska revolution pågår just nu i Afrika och påverkar hundratals miljoner människor.
Kuduro, coupé-décalé och azonto är klubbmusik byggd på traditionella rytmer och har blivit identitetsbärande för en hel generation.
Fonko är en dokumentärserie om musik och dramatisk samhällsomvandling.
Medan Syde uropa står på ruinens brant är länder som Angola, Ghana, Nigeria och Zambia bland världens snabbast växande ekonomier.
Den hastiga moderniseringen innebär minskad fattigdom, men också ökande inkomstklyftor, sekularisering och konflikter mellan tradition och modernitet.
Allt det här speglas i musiken.
I Fonko får man träffa de smartaste och roligaste artisterna, bloggarna och producenterna i deras hemmiljöer.
I kåkstäder, lyxvillor och på scen.
En tv-serie av Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén, Göran Hugo Olsson och Tobias Janson.
Berättad av Neneh Cherry Jag är Dublin vann första pris för långa dokumentärer på Tempo Dokumentärfestival i mars.
Nu går den upp från den 4:e maj på Klarabiografen i Kulturhusets nya satsning på film.
An exciting coming of age story about agency, resilience and the transformative artform that is voguing.
Premiering at Sundance US doc.
Competition, followed by European Premiere at Berlinale, Panorama, followed by Swedish Premiere at Tempo as opening film.
That puts her mothers point of views to test.
But Ruth is standing up for herself and the team.
She is overcoming the prejudices connected to the sport as much as her team is winning success, proving all what cheerleading is about — joint effort and teamwork.
This film is about the gentle warmth within a group of 11 to 12 years old, about their struggles and strengths, physically as well as mentally.
Using sport as a vehicle to tell universal stories engaging kids in their own environment with storytelling on their own terms.
We hope that these films will strengthen their sense of community and solidarity with other children and their interest and engagement in the world around them.
The turn from childhood to adolescence, from being a professional BMX rider to becoming a role-model for younger talents.
This is a film about growing up and the choices that one must make.
Sport kids With Kids, For Kids.
Using sport as a vehicle to tell universal stories engaging kids in their own environment with storytelling on their own terms.
We hope that these films will strengthen their sense of community and solidarity with other children and their interest and engagement in the world age to gamble in california them.
English title: Chapter 11 sv.
Her mother is almost fed up.
But Ruth stands up for herself and her team.
She ignores the prejudices about the sport and her team is winning competitions.
Cheerleading is joint effort and teamwork.
This film is about finding your place in a group and standing up for your beliefs Read more at the Nordisk Panorama webpage Fonko is a feature length documentary about social and political changes in the new Africa as seen through an avalanche of striking, innovative and visual music.
In the Manding language Fonko means "the thing", in Wolof "to take care of each other".
The great musical revolution of today takes place in Africa, where urban club music is merging with traditional styles.
New technology and swift communications has released super talents of the continent, spreading music, arts and ideas to the rest of the world.
In Fonko we meet some of the most outspoken, creative and interesting artists of today that redefines the image of Africa, traveling from Dakar in the west through Accra, Lagos and Luanda to Johannesburg in the south.
Throughout the movie we also hear the voice of Fela Kuti, one of the continent's greatest musical icons and political activists.
Fela speaks through early recorded interviews.
From former Yugoslavia via Australia to Sweden today, weaving personal documentary footage with the fiction of memories and dreams, Shapeshifters is poetic exploration of what it means to belong in a globalized world.
A film about feeling nostalgic for a home you never experienced.
About friendship, desire, and how you build new forms of belonging that are not defined by national borders.
We owned the parks and alleyways of Stockholm.
Graffiti unified a great bun ch of windswept existences.
But then came the children, the prison, the career, the overdose, the psychiatric clinic and death, and we dispersed.
Jussi's mother tells about her son.
I talk about Jussi, me and my son.
Jussi tells about the longing for freedom and a world possible to live in.
An essay dealing with the struggle to become adults.
The film also portrays the generation that lived on the edge of society during the early 2000s, the time that was a springboard to adulthood for me and led to the death of Jussi.
Who is this world for?



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